This set of coasters contains 8 images from Nadine Marshall’s painting collection. These cork-back coasters have a high gloss top finish, perfect for hot and cold drinks.

The set is packaged in a clear film with an insert at the back, outlining all 8 images.
Price: $50.95 plus shipping (approx $4 within Canada). Cheque or e-transfer
Contact to order your set or for further details.

If you prefer to have a set of 6 coasters with the same image, there are a few options posted on for a limited time. You can order directly through


These cushions come in your choice of polyester, cotton or exterior fabric and can be ordered directly through

(Please note that Zazzle often has sales with 10 – 20 % off products so be sure to check back often for special deals!)

Which Fabric Is Right for You?
– The polyester cushion image has a slight sheen and is more vibrant in colour than the cotton cushion, but the cushion itself is flatter.
– The cotton cushion is plumper than the polyester one but has a matt finish, so colours are subdued.
– The exterior cushion is equally plump, but a bit a more vivid and the fabric is for exterior use.