Thank you for making our first “Celebration of Creative Expression” such a magical event and great sunny success on June 23! Yes, the sun broke through the clouds just in time to shine its light onto the soiree. The event featured pond creations by Marcel Koller from Streamworks, paintings by Nadine Marshall, magic walls by Inventor Blake Ledingham, music by Evan Kennedy and delicious food by Savoury City.

Also please check out photos of the studio launch and book cover.

Painting enables me to immerse myself and retreat into places that deeply resonate and inspire me. It is a way I can express and share the beauty I see in a direct, personal and visual way. I choose images that evoke strong, felt experiences within myself such as wonder, joy, playfulness, rich solitude and serenity. I am particularly drawn to landscapes and beautiful settings that suggest human presence but are distinctive by their absence. My goal is to invite the viewer into the painting to experience their own sense of retreat and dreamscape.Nadine Marshall began her painting practice in 2008. Prior to pursuing her long-held dream of becoming a painter, Nadine expressed her artistic energy through the creative direction and content development of educational materials and workshops. Marshall received her BA in Philosophy at McGill University, Montreal and MBA at the University of Toronto, and now lives in Vancouver where she paints and contributes to the community through her charitable projects.


Moonlit Waters
Eternally Hopeful
In the Light of the Night